Testimonials from workshops in 2013

“I really enjoyed the day. I learnt a lot of good tips and met lots of very nice people. I haven’t met many freelancers before so it was great. The ‘speed-interviewing’ was fun (but pretty tiring!), and even if nothing comes from it I’ve learned a great deal from listening to their Q&A discussion. All in all, an extremely worthwhile workshop. Thanks very much!”

“I found the day enjoyable and informative, and really valued the opportunity to network with other freelancers, as well as meet the agency representatives.”

“There was a HUGE amount of fantastic and totally relevant information to get through in the day and a lot of thought had clearly gone into the topics to cover… Many thanks for putting on this event, it was absolutely spot on and a fantastic networking opportunity.”

“I found the day a very stimulating and buzzy one. Good to meet other freelancers and great to have access to commissioners – whether it leads to work or not. The day has prompted me to take action on several fronts and also to recognise the value of making contact with others. Thanks for a very good day.”

“Thank you for organising such an event – it was an excellent networking opportunity and has certainly provided food for thought.”

“This was a really well thought out workshop that was very useful to me as an established freelancer and also seemed to be for those who were new to the business. The small table format allowed us to quickly make friends with those on our tables and I think we made good contacts for the future. I really wasn’t looking forward to going at the start of the day but am very glad I did!”

“I really enjoyed the day, and found it extremely valuable. It was good to meet other freelancers, and to build up new contacts here. It was also useful to share best practice. I found the morning sessions offering practical hints such as software and other issues very beneficial. Another highlight was the Q&A with the agencies and speed networking. Thank you for all the work that went into making this such a valuable day.”

“I thought it was very well done and I have come away from the meeting with lots of things to do. From my perspective the size (number of attendees) of the workshop was perfect.”


“Many thanks for your email and for inviting me to participate in last week’s freelance workshop. I thought it was an enjoyable and valuable experience from my point of view – it was interesting to hear other agencies’ approaches to working with freelancers and it was also great to have the opportunity to meet with freelancers… I really did enjoy meeting the different freelancers and came away with some useful contacts.”

“It was good that there was a mix of skill sets amongst the freelancers as often there is an assumption that it is just Medical writing that Med Comms agencies want to outsource but that is not always the case… The “speed dating” part worked well…It was certainly insightful from my perspective to hear some of the freelancers perspectives on the types of work they are currently doing and potentially a few new useful contacts.”

“..it was an interesting meeting, and we made some useful contacts”

“Many thanks Ryan, it was a great event to be involved in and thank you and Peter for the opportunity”

“…it was very useful and enjoyable to take part! … [the speed dating] was really good. I have to admit I was sceptical that I would be able to find potential freelancers by this route but ended up with a list of people who I’m keen to follow up with – and had some very nice chats with people!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by what many of the freelancers had to say.”

“We both found it very useful to attend the event, and got to meet some new potential freelancers, as well be meeting again some old colleagues who we will remember to consider again in the future… We both enjoyed meeting the diverse range of freelancers who attended, and it has got us thinking about other areas of the business that we could support with freelance/consultancy support at specific times.”

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